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itsy Bitsy is more than just a shop, we're also a wonderful community of women sharing love for fashion and home interiors. Our friendship group is a safe and positive space filled with women supporting women. If you would like to be a part of our family, please click here.

In the group you can share your itsy Bitsy experience, leave a comment, post a picture or video, and share your latest purchases with the rest of the family. We can't wait to see your first post. If you're not on social media, we would still love you to be a part of our family. Simply sign up to our newsletter and send your style snaps to so we can share them with the rest of the family and you may even feature on our Customer Catwalk page. 

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The A-Z Alphabet Tour Competition

We run a fun competition throughout the year where you have 26 chances to win a £150 voucher, plus lots more exciting prizes. Whether you travel abroad or stay-cation, we want to see you take IB on tour by snapping a picture of your outfit or taking our IB bag to different locations around the globe.

Ways to enter the A-Z Competition:

  • Post your photo in our V.I.P group
  • Tag us in your photo on Instagram
  • Tag us in your story
  • DM your photo to us via Facebook or Instagram
  • Email your picture to us at

You have unlimited chances to enter, just make sure to let us know where you have travelled to so we can assign you to the correct letter. This competition is running all year and all 26 winners will be announced on New Years Eve. If you're heading to a location that's name is less popular in the alphabet you will have more chances of winning the prize for that group.

Alongside the alphabet tour we also run a monthly competition to win £25, so every entry you make into the A-Z competition will also earn you an entry into our monthly draw. Winners are announced in our last LIVE @ 5 of the month. We look forward to seeing your entries!

IB Family Members


itsy Bitsy does Everest base camp

Roz & Rachael

itsy Bitsy does Pau, France


itsy Bitsy does Paxos, Greece


itsy Bitsy does Glastonbury

Jane & Sandra

itsy Bitsy does Portugal


itsy Bitsy does business class to Boston

Birdie & Ella

itsy Bitsy does the Great Wall of China

Alison & Esther

itsy Bitsy does Elounda, Crete


itsy Bitsy does Croatia


itsy Bitsy does the Trevi Fountain Rome, Italy

Rachel & Cat

itsy Bitsy does a girls trip to Lake Garda.


itsy Bitsy does the Dominican Republic


itsy Bitsy does Sorrento


itsy Bitsy does a sunset sail-away in Marseilles!


itsy Bitsy does snowboarding in Austria


itsy Bitsy does Gili islands in Indonesia


itsy Bitsy does Faraglioni, Capri


itsy Bitsy does the Peak District