Become a member today and earn gold coins whilst you shop! We have created an exclusive itsy Bitsy rewards program as a way of giving back to our wonderful and loyal customers. On this page you will find everything you need to know about our rewards program so you can start collecting coins and save money off your next order.

How does the reward program work?

By becoming a member of our rewards program you unlock an all access pass to start redeeming exclusive gold coins. You can earn coins as you shop online, when you sign up and you'll receive extra coins on your birthday. Your gold coins are automatically calculated and saved into your rewards box, ready for you to redeem them whenever you like. Please make sure you have an account set up with us as we're unable to add coins if you don't.

How do I sign up to your rewards program?

When you create an account with us you automatically become registered to start receiving itsy Bitsy coins. 

How do I check and redeem my coins?

When you are on our website you will see a rewards button in the left hand corner. When you click on that button you will be able to either sign up or sign in and then you will be able to check and redeem your coins. Coins can only be rewarded and redeemed online. 

itsy Bitsy Gold Coins Guide

Ways to earn

5 gold coins for every £1 spent

25 gold coins when you follow us on Instagram

25 gold coins when you like our facebook page

100 gold coins when you sign up

50 gold coins on your birthday

Ways to redeem

  • 500 gold coins = £5 off
  • 1000 gold coins = £10 off
  • 1500 gold coins = £15 off
  • 2000 gold coins = £20 off
  • 2500 gold coins = £25 off
  • 3000 gold coins = £30 off
  • 3500 gold coins = £35 off
  • 4000 gold coins = £40 off
  • 4500 gold coins = £45 off
  • 5000 gold coins =£50 off

Refer a friend

Shopping is more fun with friends!

Referring a friend is nice and easy. Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.

They will receive a 10% off code and you will receive a 10% off code!


Can I give my coins to someone else?

Coins are non-transferable and yours to enjoy!

Can I use my coins off my purchases in-store?

Coins cannot be used off purchases in-store, but we do have an in-store loyalty program you can sign up to on your next visit.

What happens to my coins when I return my order?

When you return an order your coins are removed from your account. You can still carry on enjoying collecting your coins when you place your next order.

I forgot to login to my account when I placed my order do I still get my coins?

If you forgot to login to your account when placing your order, please do get in touch with us via our contact form and we can allocate the correct amount of coins to your account.